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About Us

Shreveport Music Company was established in 1910, making it one of the oldest businesses in the Ark-La-Tex, and one of the oldest music stores in the country. In 1961 Jack Teach purchased Shreveport Music and opened a new store downtown, as a Hammond Organ and piano dealer. Jack’s son Don literally grew up in the business, focusing on the technical aspects of pianos, Leslie speakers, and Hammond organs, skills that came in handy as the business expanded from pianos and organs to guitars, basses, and PA systems.

Our store changed locations several times, moving from a downtown location to the Highland area, then out to the rapidly-expanding area south of town. The move proved to be a good one, for with the arrival of the riverboat casinos and the sale of farmland south of town for commercial development, Shreveport’s retail area exploded, and our location, once on the edge of town ended up being in the very heart of the thriving South Shreveport retail corridor.

Today, Shreveport Music has achieved near-legendary status in the industry as a wildly-successful operation, one of the very few privately-owned “mom and pop” music stores that have been able to successfully compete against the onslaught of big-box stores and national chains. Our secret? Our prices meet or beat both the national chains and the online stores, but our service and knowledgeable staff can’t be beat anywhere.

In 2012, the store relocated, back to the Centenary/South Highlands area, in the historic building that once housed Centenary Hardware, and in 2014, Jase Wilkerson purchased Shreveport Music, lock, stock, and bass drum from Don, with the goal of taking the store into the next century, maintaining it’s envied position as the largest and most vibrant musical instrument store in Northwest Louisiana, as well as a vital part of the Ark-La-Tex music scene.